Mandala Effect

by End of Sense

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released April 21, 2017

Lauritz Jordan - git,voc
Philipp Tofahrn - keys
Philip Süßer - bass
Moritz Dechert - drums


all rights reserved



End of Sense Frankfurt, Germany

Progressive Rock from Germany.

Influenced by Dream Theater, Opeth and Haken.

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Track Name: Rain of Darkness
A storm strikes the land
nowhere to hide
The shadow that was sent
creeping inside

Through lights
that wouldn't shine
rain that cannot dry
Ignoring all their sins
until the day they die

"Forget about the past"
are the words they heed
"No need to mind the last
unless you really need"

The foretime unobserved
they don't fear any flood
Their sins are well preserved
'till the day it's raining blood

We are spiraling down again
though times of distress that will never end
Now there is no other way
a debt impossible to ever repay

During their lives noone cared
they were totally illprepared
Of consequences nobody thought
they lived their life without a doubt
Then they see what cannot be
shadows move where light should be
Salvation yet out of sight
the rain of darkness shows its might

We are spiraling down again
though times of distress that will never end
Now there is no other way
a debt impossible to ever repay

Before your dreams are crushed
nightmares start to unfold
It's fine to loose all trust
ignore what you were told

Now find another truth
forget about the last
Illuminate your path
give everything you have

We are spiraling down again
though times of distress that will never end
Now there is no other way
a debt impossible to ever repay
Track Name: Crossing the Jordan
A silent forever
A slave to the flame
A once beating heart, now
now we are the same

Unwillingly be my
existence's bane
Give wishes a face and
desire a name

Crossing the Jordan
into the sun
Waiting my turn
as I fall one by one

Structures, they crumble
in the face of the end
Finally expired
this wound's only mend

Discomfort took over
it seems eons ago
A human's last journey
never-ending flow

Where are we going
on this path you chose
The purpose of suffering
only you know

Now across the Jordan, but not yet arrived
This shore is the place where the Promised Land lied
Just one more endeavor, a soul in ascend
To ever find out where rationality went
Track Name: Ubiquitous
What am I now?
A nemesis, a friend?
We're the same now
Until the very end

And my demons
they stay curiously silent
Choices matter in a sense
At last a triumph
as a gift to the defiant
Yet everything is as it began

What am I now?
The shovel that means all
I am somehow
So wise after the fall
Track Name: Life
I cannot see clear in this state of fear
Lost in my mind I can't seem to find
A reason behind the pain inside
The memories fade as I watch myself die
Try to believe, not yet relieved
You don't understand the things you don't see
Hiding away the words you don't say
Any lie will justify the bullets I take

You can never be sure, 'cause you feel insecure
Ask yourself why, 'cause you can't find a cure
Now leave me in shame, found someone to blame
The pressures arise as you spit out my name

You don't believe in times of peace
Broken inside in this prison called life

I don't wanna fight 'cause it doesn't feel right
Bleeding again in your cold delight
Now leave me in shame, get out of my frame
Feelings explode as you burst into flames
Track Name: Finger to the Bone
Now you're so afraid
The promise is in silence to be made
Time has come for you to feel the pain
As the bridges burn throughout the rain

If one man's life was taken, why do others have to go?
If you are mistaken, it takes a man to know
Craving social justice, but without a need to fight
Grabbing all attention just to be on the right side

You in rebel's fame
History won't always know your name
You are never prone to feel the same
The will to find a sense inside this shame

You didn't cast the first stone, there's no need to throw the next
The weakness of the lonely man is drowned inside the mass

Desperate attempt to die in vain
Trying to feel the pain
Track Name: The Joke's on you
I turn your fears into great art.
I create all your dreams
My tools are lies and deceit
I am the one to dream your life away

Mighty Atlas, rest your arms
You've done enough for us
Fallen titan cursed with one
most senseless of all tasks

Hear me Zeus, send all to hell
abandoned by the gods
Punished for a crime or sin
a word or just a thought

What do they deserve?
What are they to gain?
Revolutions in reserve
yet all they want is share the pain
Let them feel your wrath, damned one
take what you deserve
No more shall their screams be heard
for they will dwell in oblivion

They have forsaken the one
they put their hopes upon
Your star will rise no more
and it's too late to run

The fountain has been sealed
and all that's left is the rain
The truth that they fear
is that we're all the same
Track Name: Greatest Story
He works behind the backs of thousand puppets
People never see what he has done
Others get the fame for his creations,
his story is the one that never will be told

Hidden secretly in unknown places
he works upon his death for others wealth
His self-abandonment is never ending
but the story of his life will always be unknown
Track Name: Mary's Mind
What is my purpose, what am I?
Before an object, now a mind
Feel the profane and the profound
Experience the all-around
Reality as lived through sound

So small and helpless in your might
No greater demon in my sight
My strings, I find them in your hand
A power I can't understand
I beg you, let me be a man

Right and left and right again
Up and down below
Dancing to the beat of your heart
Only thought, no will

These guiding strings shall be removed
Cut off the source I find in you
A mediocre piece of art
To satisfy a greedy heart
But at the seams I come apart

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