2021: A Space Nudity

by End of Sense

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Void 08:12
Living a life without purpose Is worthless for the most Without a goal or intention You’re nothing more than a ghost One of those poor, little creatures Is pacing on through the unseen Without any sense of direction It might be no more than a dream Chasing through the void that surrounds me I can’t see a thing anywhere Unheavenly speeding to places unknown Uncertain to get anywhere After a while, things began to change It was not as quiet as it used to be But our creature it just seemed oblivious To the crowd that began to form all around Chasing through the void that surrounds me I’m passing some things here and there No one can see me and I can’t see them Almost like we forgot to care But out of the dark something suddenly jumped in my way Unable to turn, we hit and we merged and we split Now apparently altered from an external point of view I changed my direction, deflected, something new Chasing through the void that surrounds me It doesn’t seem empty anymore Making acquaintance should never be sad But this time things only seem bad
Space Nudity 08:00
Hey, Europa May I lie down beside you? I’m in need of tranquility I’ve traveled too far All these worlds are yours to keep In your memories, in your dreams Leave me the withered ones, It’s all I deserve to be Hey, you phantom Are you fulfilled here? Keep your begging lover Barely alive It’s all I deserve to be All I deserve to be Stranded and all alone Leave me but my last sanctuary The life I destroy is my own All these worlds are yours, but me Please attempt no landing here Show me what it means to be Free of all banality You, the genesis of Wisdom All these worlds I give to you I don’t know what else to do All I know’s redundancy You expect no more of me
Tharsis 08:07
Pavonis Mons Shield volcano Located in Tharsis Caldera: small Depression: large Structurally so complex We are but three Right next to me In a tectonic perfect line But in the dis- Tance protrudes this Monstrocity casting shadows Arsia Mons Southernmost one In the Tharsis plateau Eons ago Eruptions came Phreatomagmatic Towering above us all So extravagantly tall Too preposterous to believe Split the heavens open wide Rain your ashes from the sky As eruptive as can be Ascraeus Mons Biggest of three Second to Olympus The three of us We can’t compare To the northwest We will fail time And time again To match your output
Mary's Mind 06:34
What is my purpose, what am I? Before an object, now a mind Feel the profane and the profound, Experience the all-around Reality as lived through sound So small and helpless in your might No greater demon in my sight My strings, I find them in your hand A power I can’t understand I beg you, let me be a man Right and left and right again Up and down below Dancing to the beat of my heart Only thought, no will Dance! These guiding strings shall be removed Cut off the source I find in you A mediocre piece of art To satisfy your greedy heart But at the seams, I come apart


All songs recorded in summer 2020


released April 9, 2021

Produced by End of Sense
Mixed and Mastered by Moritz Dechert
Cover Art by Tina Knabe

Lauritz Jordan - git,voc
Philipp Tofahrn - keys
Philip Süßer - bass
Moritz Dechert - drums

Special thanks to Phil Spohner and Tim Field!


all rights reserved



End of Sense Frankfurt, Germany

Progressive Rock from Germany.

Influenced by Dream Theater, Opeth and Haken.

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